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Motorbikes, scooters and mopeds
You must complete compulsory basic training [CBT] before riding a moped or motorbike (with or without sidecar) on the road. However, you may ride on a road under the supervision of an approved instructor as part of that training course.
From 1 February 2001
All learner riders must complete a Compulsory Basic Training [CBT] course before riding a moped or motorbike on the road. On successful completion of a CBT course you will get a training certificate [DL196].
Certificates issued from 1 February 2001 will be valid for 2 years. Certificates issued prior to that date will be valid for 3 years. Keep your certificate safe because you will need to show it to the examiner when you take your moped or motorbike practical test. You may also need to show it to the police.
You do not need to complete CBT if:
you have already obtained full moped entitlement as a result of passing a moped test on or after 1 December 1990
you have already obtained a full licence for one class of motorbike entitlement and wish to upgrade to another (eg. holders of A1 (light motorbike) license do not need to repeat CBT to validate a provisional category A entitlement).
But you will need to undertake a further training course on the larger machine if your full license limits you to riding automatics and you wish to take a test on a manual machine. If you have any enquiries about CBT phone the Driving Standards Agency on 0115 901 2500 and ask for the CBT section.

Below is General Information Often Asked by People
Considering Learning to Ride.

Minimum Requirements
A valid UK driving license is required for taking CBT TRAINING and MOTORBIKE TESTS. This can either be a FULL CAR License, or a PROVISIONAL license. Application forms are available at most Post Offices.
Age Limits
16 and over, riders are restricted to a MOPED, which is NO MORE THAN 50cc and NO FASTER THAN 50kph (31mph).
17 and over, riders can upgrade to a machine that is NO LARGER THAN 125cc and has a MAXIMUM POWER of 11KW (14.6bhp). 17 year olds can also take the A2 PRACTICAL TEST for a FULL LICENCE. 21 year olds are able to take the DIRECT ACCESS TEST.

The Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is not a test, it is a one-day course of training designed for students to reach a safe and competent level of riding on the road.
The Written Theory Test needs to be passed BEFORE taking a PRACTICAL TEST. This must be taken at a DSA test centre.
A2 PRACTICAL TEST. This is taken on a 125cc machine of not more than 14.6bhp and capable of at least 100kph.
DIRECT ACCESS (DAS). Riders MUST BE OVER 21 and take the test on a machine of AT LEAST 35KW.

There are three steps to follow to get your motorbike licence
1 Compulsory Basic Training - CBT training only
2 Theory Test.
3 Practical Test - for:
a) A1 - Moped Test the bike must not exceeding 50cc and not capable of travelling faster than 50KPH
b) A2 - Scooter or motorbike test. The motorbike must be 125cc and rated to go faster than 100KPH. This grade of pass has a two year restriction to ride bikes not exceeding 33BHP)
c) DAS - Direct Access Scheme. Motorbike Test - for people over 21 years old wishing to avoid the two year restriction, in order to ride any size of motorbike straight away on a full unrestricted motorbike license.

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